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Ultimate Customer Experience

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Discover the Buddy Gregg Customer For Life Experience
11730 Snyder Rd. Knoxville, TN 37932

Once you have found the perfect coach or travel trailer, it is important that you and your family know how to operate every feature and component of your new RV.  At Buddy Gregg RVs and Motor Homes in East Tennessee, our goal is to educate our customers, provide assistance when they buy a new or used RV, and support them throughout their ownership. Stop by our dealership in Knoxville, TN, to learn more about our new and used RVs for sale and schedule RV service!

Making sure that our customers are always taken care of is part of the Buddy Gregg “Customer for Life” experience.  This is why the Buddy Gregg team thoroughly inspects every RV both when they arrive at the dealership as well as before the customer takes delivery of their new or used travel trailer, fifth wheel, toy hauler, or motor coach.  In fact, a Buddy Gregg Delivery Specialist will accompany every customer on a comprehensive walk-through covering every component before the customer takes their new or used RV out on the road to begin their family’s adventures.

Take a look at just some of the exhaustive measures taken to ensure you receive the quality new or used RV of your dreams and the personalized motor home service that you deserve!

Pre-Delivery Inspection

A trained Buddy Gregg Service Technician performs a systems check of over 300 features and components before a travel trailer, fifth wheel, or motor home is accepted and made available at the dealership.  Once a customer selects the RV of the dreams, this Pre-Delivery Inspection is re-checked before the customer takes their RV out on the road.  These comprehensive inspection procedures require extensive time and effort, but it’s the only way to guarantee that Buddy Gregg is providing the highest level of customer service.

The Buddy Gregg RV inspection process helps to:

  • Ensure proper warranty coverage (on new RVs);
  • Make certain that every component is operating correctly; and,
  • Catch any potential problems before the customer starts their journey in their new RV.

When you visit Buddy Gregg RVs and Motor Homes, you'll see how our team takes the extra time and effort that you and your family deserve. That's the Buddy Gregg difference.

Personalized Delivery Walkthrough

Every customer and every RV is unique.  Buddy Gregg RVs and Motor Homes will make sure that you and your family is equipped with the necessary knowledge and information to enjoy your travels in your new or used RV to the fullest extent. Every customer will receive a pre-scheduled and personalized walkthrough from a dedicated Delivery Specialist.  This walk through is custom designed to meet the specific needs of each customer and cover the unique features of their RV.  Often times, these walk-throughs can last several hours depending on the customers’ needs and the complexity of the features on their new or used RV.  We are happy to spend as much time as our customers need! Providing this service ensures the satisfaction of all of our customers, regardless of whether they are an experienced RV veteran or a family just starting out on their RV adventures.

Life-Long Support for our “CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE”

Buddy Gregg’s commitment to customer service does not end when the customer leaves the dealership. The Buddy Gregg team strives to make sure that every customer is a CUSTOMER FOR LIFE.  We are here to provide assistance and answer your questions throughout your ownership experience.  With our dedicated sales and customer service staff, 22 service bays, a full service campground, and fully enclosed paint booth and body shop, the Buddy Gregg team is here to help you find the RV of your dreams AND stand behind you and your family throughout your RV ownership.