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Extended Warranty Coverage

CornerStone United Extended Service Contracts

As one of life's largest investments, RV's can provide years of pleasure for their owners. Protecting this investment against expensive breakdowns provides security for RV owners.

Highlights of CornerStone United

Low Deductible

Nationwide Protection

Toll Free Assistance


CornerStone United Extended Warranty

CornerStone United Extended Warranty

USA Travel Care Extended Warranty Coverage

USA Travel Care offers consumers a choice of coverages for their Motor Home, Travel Trailer, 5th Wheel, Pop-up or Slide-Out Camper. Consumers can choose the level of protection designed for their RV lifestyle.

Highlights of USA Travel Care

Nationwide Coverage - (Coast to Coast including Canada)

Toll Free Claims Service - (Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff Waiting to Help)

Unlimited Number of Claims - (Can be as High as the Value of your RV)

Corporate Credit Card - (Payments Made Directly to your Repair Facility)

Ability to Transfer Upon Resale - (Increases the Resale Value of Your RV)

USA Travel Care Pays for... - (Parts, Labor, Fluids and applicable States Sales Tax for Each Authorized Repair)

All You Pay is Your Low Deductible!

Motorhome Coverage Details

USA Travel Care Motorhome Coverage

Towable Coverage Details

USA Travel Care Towable Coverage

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